Welcome to El Boske Botanico; helping you create your own healing enchanted garden at home

Welcome to El Boske Botanico; helping you create your own healing enchanted garden at home

My name is Brenda Gil. I moved to Melbourne from Colombia 6 years ago and I am a designer, aromatherapist and international student.

My business El Boske Botanico, is a plant nursery inspired by Latin American Culture. El Boske Botanico started selling plants and cultural products like handmade terracotta pots and windchimes made by artisans from a beautiful and traditional pottery town in Colombia called Ráquira ; El Boske was going well and then the pandemic hit the world. My anxiety went up, and I started to suffer very bad panic attacks and it really hit my mind and anxiety which I never suffered before.

So, I asked myself , what makes me happy ? And I started to go to El Boske as a therapy, looking after the plants, repotting, observing the plants, the flowers, and I started to feel better after every time that I visited my nursery.

I thought to myself..."this is working"!

So I took some of them and I created my enchanted garden at home, my own sanctuary where I could observe and relax my mind and then I started to get better every day. It was a long process of connection to myself and my business but I experienced the power of nature and I knew that I needed to share this. I realised that we were more connected with death than life and I remember why El Boske Botanico inspired people to fall in love with life. 

El Boske is here to help you find peace in your home

  • I am selling cultural products so you can create your own enchanted garden or sanctuary at home.
  • I am creating indoors and outdoor green spaces for joy in your space, work or natural environment with a holistic world and with a Latin touch.
  • And I am designing engaging experiences with nature that evoke creativity, imagination and mindfulness for our mental health. I do this by running Aromatherapy sessions, workshops, events, meetings & masterclasses. 

I do all of this to bring the community together to create beautiful moments of creativity. 

Why buy from El Boske

Because I understand why you are going through and I experienced the power and magic of nature, and I believe that I can help you experience that too. 

I learnt techniques to stimulate your sense and calm your mind:

  • Through touch; I can relax your body
  • Through smell; I can help you improve your health with aromatherapy (incense, essential oils and candles)
  • Through sound; relax with windchimes and other auditory experiences
  • Through sight; evoke calm by creating visually stimulating environments full of plants, flowers and beautiful objects
  • Through taste; coming soon….  join the mailing list to find out what it is ;)

What I want to let you know is that nature is not a place, it’s home.

And you are nature. 

Contact me if you would like help creating your enchanted garden in your home. 

- Brenda Gil 

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