Brenda Gil
Entrepreneur, Urban Green Designer
Brenda is a Colombian entrepreneur proud of her culture and a nature lover. She studied fashion design in Medellin, Colombia, and is currently studying aromatherapy and remedial massage in Melbourne, Australia. She is the owner of El Boske Botanico, a space created for nature, culture and art. 
Brenda has been an entrepreneur since she was young. During high school, she founded her first design studio in Colombia, opened a seafood restaurant, created a mobile popcorn car and managed an interior decor shop. As a professional designer she has worked for brands like Esprit, Levi's and Garotas Swimwear. 
In 2016, Brenda left Colombia with the desire of expanding her professional career. After working in cafes, perfecting her English and studying business for entrepreneurs in Insight Academy , she laid the foundations of her dream business. El Boske Botanico (translated to English as The Botanical Forest) is a green shop and nursery, where you can find plants, traditional handmade pots, magical wind chimes and dream catchers, among many other products.
Brenda describes El Boske Botanico as an enchanted urban garden. A magical place full of positive energy, surrounded by plants and culturally handmade items created by Colombian artisans. El Boske Botanico also creates experiences and activities to help people connect with the joys of nature. 
Brenda's mission in Australia is to inspire others to fall in love with life, so they become happier and more creative beings. In Brenda's own words: "My hope is that many people feel inspired to create their own plant sanctuaries at home or see El Boske Botanico as a place to find wellbeing."